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This tool is very easy to use and highly reliable and accurate diagnostic tool.
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Since 2004, ROADI has become a fast developing manufacturer and marketer of diagnostic equipment and instrument in the automotive aftermarket industry. Our products serve three categories: Code Readers, Diagnostic Scan Tools and Instrumentation. Our products allow owners the ability to optimize vehicle performance, lower the fuel consumption and minimize repair costs. In the end it allows our customers to become a Green driver. We are looking for dealers for local markets. We have strict MAP pricing on our products. Please contact us today using the contact form and the right representative will get back to you with more details.

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Roadi, a professional OBD manufacturer, specialized in OBD for more than 10 years.
1.High-quality Products Roadi is dedicated R&D. We strike to developing products in popular demand, providing easy-to-use, inexpensive and robust auto electronics products.  All of our OBD products have passed the FCC certification, quality quaranteed. 2.Competitive Low Price Roadi offer the lowest invoice price to any resellers while maintaining high quality of our products compared to other on board diagnostic manufacturers. Our product invoice price varies by different order quantity and markets. The price can be negotiated, we will offer a best price for you. 3.Full Customization We can fully customize our products per the requests of our resellers. In this way, we can produce new products with your brands and make it sells best on your area. This is extremely useful for the Dealers/resellers/distributors with their old brands. 4. Free Technical Support Roadi values customers very much, we provide lifetime support if you encounter any questions regarding our products. usually we can answer the questions immediately. Sometimes during busy hours, it may take longer. We will do our best to help as soon as possible.